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The Communication Assessment Profile


The tool used by Speech and Language Therapists for assessing adults with learning difficulties


Anna van der Gaag

CASP Applications

The Communication Assessment Profile (CASP) is the only UK standardardised assessment for use with adults with learning disabilities.

CASP was designed by Dr Anna van der Gaag whilst she was working as a speech and language therapist.


346 adults with learning disabilities, 60 therapists and 400 care workers took part in its development.

Dr Anna van der Gaag

Since it was published in 1988, it has been used with thousands of people with learning disabilities, not only in the UK but in other parts of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US.

CASP is also used


  • as an outcome measure


  • to determine whether or not communication skills have changed over time


  • as a research tool with children and young people on the autistic continuum

  • with older people with neurological disabilities

The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (UK) has recommended CASP as an appropriate method of assessment for adults with learning disabilities


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